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Financial Services

The consultants in the Financial Services industry are subject matter experts qualified to work with the business and IT units of a client. Many of them are former commodities traders and portfolio managers who thoroughly understand the key processes of these applications. Areas of expertise include:

  • On-line/real-time trade execution
  • Commodities trading
  • Portfolio Management and pricing
  • Back and Front office operations
  • Derivative processing
  • Transaction clearing

We understand trade clearing functions, as well as give up trades and real-time trade matching. We have defined and implemented effective and efficient trading methods and trade clearing processes. Encore's consultants are also experienced in the regulatory and risk management functions of a clearing organization.

Our Mutual Fund Trading and Portfolio Tuning consultants include skilled senior mutual fund portfolio managers experienced in tuning portfolios and balancing the investment distribution of portfolios, achieving higher yield. Our consultants are also highly skilled in back-office operations and customer service issue resolution.

Our industry expertise creates a competitive edge for us and our clients and enables us to meet their business and IT consulting needs. Encore continually gathers client information to improve our ability to support their business units. We use that information to tailor and expand our service capabilities to address the evolving needs for technical and business consulting.

Encore has demonstrated a proven performance in the following Financial Services areas and systems:

  • Commodities trading risk management policy
  • Real-Time Clearing trade match systems
  • Financial risk management system
  • Give-Up Automated Invoicing System (GAINS)
  • Brokerage billing system that electronically pays brokerage members
  • Black-Sholes pricing model for financial derivatives
  • High transaction, real-time surveillance risk-management system that reports trading risk on a real-time basis
  • Market compliance and regulatory trading systems
  • Eagle Software and Charles River implementation
  • Collateral Management subsystem including valuation of assets for trading eligibility levels
  • APIs for a new electronic trading system, the first using CORBA, the second using FIX
  • Order mass cancellation, worked with Euronext on standardizing their FIX implementation
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