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Project Management Services

Encore offers its clients Project Management and Project Estimating techniques through its PMTech and ESTech service offerings.

By applying these techniques, Encore is able to guarantee a proven performance regardless of the diversity of the team of consultant that is assembled to deliver the project.

PMTech: Encore's Project Management Services are designed to help you manage and continually improve your projects throughout the project management lifecycle. Our Project Management Team adheres to Project Management Institute (PMI®) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) industry standards and Encore-specific methodologies and principles.

Leveraging our many years of project management experience and best practices, Encore has developed a project management framework called PMTech. It is the foundation upon which Encore project managers build our full lifecycle project engagements. We deliver projects successfully.

The Six Principles of PMTech are:

1.  Obtain Agreement on Project Characteristics
2.  Develop and Present a Statement of Work
3.  Develop a Work Breakdown Structure
4.  Estimate Tasks and Assign Resources
5.  Agree Upon Acceptance Criteria
6.  Set-up Change Management and Status Reporting

ESTech: Encore’s Estimating Techniques ESTech are incorporated in our PMTech framework and provide a disciplined guideline to derive a comprehensive work-estimation technique. Our estimation algorithims are able to accurately estimate the work effort that goes into the work-breakdown structures and project environmental characteristics of the project. We set up accurate project budgets.

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