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Project Rescue

Projects fail when quality, scope, budget, or schedule does not meet expectations. Often this occurs because effective project management disciplines are not executed, or no project methodology exists. Critical to an effective "rescue" is the quick identification of the project's current shortcomings. If quick identification of the problem(s) can be identified and an action plan defined and implemented, the project can get back on track to meet its overall objectives.

Encore's Project Rescue service offering provides senior level project managers skilled at "rescuing" projects that are failing or are on a path for failure. The service is offered on two levels:

  • Encore's project manager stays with the project through implementation and closure.
  • Encore's project manager successfully gets the project back on track and conducts a knowledge transfer with the incoming project manager.

Encore's Project Rescue service offering provides leadership with a proven framework to identify, define and implement a plan to bring your project back on track. The following components reflect our approach to resolve projects in need:

  • Assessment of project scope, schedule, support, risks, and issues
  • Assessment of project resources, processes, and tools
  • Development of action plans and mitigation strategies to better utilize people, processes, and tools
  • Implementation of action plans through leadership and oversight
  • Assessment of existing project methodology for effectiveness and presentation of recommendations to address any process gaps
  • Assist in lessons-learned activities
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