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Encore offers two Project Management Office (PMO) services - PMO Set-Up and PMO Re-branding. These services help clients establish and enhance the PMO function at various levels within their enterprise, depending on client requirements.

The PMO must be aligned with the business strategy of your organization. The PMO ensures project governance in terms of quality, scope, budget, and schedule. PMOs bring consistent processes and disciplines across your enterprise so that projects are managed in a like manner, regardless of size and scope. It provides management with information at a senior level to set direction, determine priority, release funding, and monitor the progress of your project portfolio.

PMOs are typically customized for an organization. Functions commonly included in a PMO infrastructure are:

  • Management Reporting - oversees alignment of project portfolio with business strategy
  • Project Methodology Ownership - implements standard project management processes and methodologies so that project managers are doing similar activities in a consistent fashion across projects
  • Project Feasibility and Planning Guidance - implements standard processes so that project team members are doing like activities in similar fashion
  • Project Management Mentoring and Coaching - identifies project manager skill sets and provides training to project managers
  • Project Delivery Best Practice Processes - collects project lessons learned and makes them available to project personnel, performs quality audits on projects

An effective PMO can offer tremendous benefits and contribute towards an organization's competitive advantage. A key attribute of a successful PMO is constant communication. The challenge is implementing the right PMO, sustaining its level of contributions, and maintaining its position within the organization. Encore delivers a proven performance by helping your organization build or enhance quality PMO infrastructures.

PMO Setup
This PMO framework is a guideline to establishing the "right" PMO infrastructure. The components include:

  • Create PMO Identity
  • Create PMO Processes
  • Create Project Management Capabilities
  • Create and/or Augment PMO Tools & Techniques

PMO Re-branding
The PMO Re-branding process is a guideline to restructuring an existing PMO to better support the goals of your organization. An effective execution of the process will lead toward increasing the effectiveness of the PMO as well as refocusing and remarketing the PMO. The PMO Re-branding focuses on areas such as PMO purpose, alignment with business strategy, service offerings, and communications.

The components of the Encore PMO Re-branding process include:

  • Define the state of the current PMO
  • Define the future state PMO
  • Define and implement the feature, function, and benefits of the future state PMO
  • Define, design and implement performance metrics of the future state PMO
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