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Data3Sixty, an Infogix company, is an Encore Partner and specialist in Data Governance strategy and implementation.

The vision for Data3Sixty has been shaped through many experiences over the years building out large scale data management products and solving many of the data-governance problems faced by both the financial services and other industries.

The mission of Data3Sixty is to connect the lessons learned from prior experiences with the power of collaboration to make it easier to understand and transact with data.

Data3Sixty empowers organizations to effectively govern and share knowledge about their data in a manner that is secure and easy to understand, automate, and deploy.

The demand for Data Governance is real and growing because of:

Increased Scrutiny by Regulators and Clients:
The investment and pharma industries in particular face data security, privacy and transparency challenges. As a result, there is an increased demand from both regulators and clients for more stringent data governance oversight.

Industry Trend Towards Outsourcing:
Driven by the need for increased operational efficiencies and risk mitigation, the outsourcing trend has increased the need for effective data governance.

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