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Encore, working with it's Alliance Partner, Aeoflex www.aeoflex.com, offers expertise in Salesforce integration and architecture.

Our team is expert in supporting you to maximize your use of Salesforce.com solutions.

Choose Encore for one-off assistance, straight-forward help to effectively implement your initial design or deliver full project life cycle management. Our certified Salesforce Consultants and the team at Aeoflex provide the expertise to maximize your return on investment with our methodologies and approach to deliver solutions to your business.

With our experience in consulting and implementing business-critical enterprise-wide solutions for its customers, we have the solution for you.

A Salesforce CRM Solution

Encore, with the team at Aeoflex, offers an Assessment and Recommendations on the approach to CRM with Salesforce.

Whatever the solution architecture, we start with a process-flow documentation and map the desired future state. Then, based upon experience, we recommend the course of action to support the CRM solution and a proven performance.

Many clients are evaluating improving the CRM -workflow through Salesforce.com Service and Sales Cloud as a common platform to handle a variety of internal business development processes.

Encore has developed a process to evaluate the appropriateness of Salesforce.com and identify the processes to maximize the investment in a Salesforce solution.

This Assessment concludes with a set of prototypes and recommendation to support CRM effectiveness.

Too often, Salesforce is adopted and not used to derive maximum return. The typical applications of the Salesforce solution to enhance a client’s CRM objectives are:

  • Sales-lead monitoring and pipeline management -- Sales Cloud
  • Customer services desk process improvement -- Service Cloud

In each application of Salesforce, the objective is to enhance revenue through effective lead and pipeline management or reduce time and cost to respond to and resolve customer service tickets

As part of the evaluation, clients have engaged Encore to deliver an Assessment and provide Salesforce.com expertise to the integration process. We ensure that the implementation is planned and executed properly and that the features and best practices in the product are implemented to the client’s advantage.

The goal of the Assessment is to replicate and enhance CRM processes using Salesforce.com and provide better technology to deliver needed information from legacy systems to these processes.

To accomplish these objectives, Encore assigns an experienced and certified Salesforce.com implementation expert to conduct the Assessment.

The Assessment evolves by following these general steps:

  • Problem Definition -- What business reasons justified the acquisition of Salesforce?
  • ROI Statement -- What is the target expectation; increase in revenue or decrease in operating cost?
  • Salesforce Features Expectation -- What features constituted the most important expectation of the commitment to Salesforce?
  • Salesforce Features Presentation -- Based upon the information gathered through various facilitated meetings and one-on-one interviews, our Certified Salesforce expert would review a comprehensive list of features and scenarios that would, based upon our experiences, enhance the utilization of Salesforce in this environment.
  • Salesforce Features Prioritization -- As a team, our Certified Salesforce expert works with client stakeholders to assign a priority value to the various features that are most important to the organization.
  • Salesforce Feature Prototype -- Last, as a basis for recommendations, our Certified Salesforce expert would develop prototypes in Apex of the top two features that are important to the organization. These prototypes would be designed to show how the Problem Definition and ROI Statement would be further enhanced by Salesforce

By engaging Salesforce.com expertise early in the process, the client would be able to take advantage of implementation best-practices, product best-practices thus minimizing risk, cost, and time-to-market.


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