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Encore delivers Quality Assurance and Test Services seminars and one-on-one training to help your employees achieve a proven performance. The seminar material and dedicated mentoring is summarized below and can be customized to meet the specific business needs of each client.

EQuATE Test Methodology Seminar
EQuATE is a comprehensive methodology that describes how to incorporate quality assurance disciplines in the software development process. EQuATE embodies the industry-accepted V-Model testing process and defines testing techniques spanning unit, system, integration, user acceptance, and deployment readiness testing. Additionally, specialty-testing approaches like regression and performance testing are included. EQuATE incorporates best practices and techniques related to release management and production support.

Encore Quality Assurance (EQA) and Test Overview
EQA and Test Overview helps provide a foundation for software quality and introduces the V-Model QA concept. At the end of this course, Encore will demonstrate how to develop test cases and test plans and integrate the concepts of the V-Model into the requirements-gathering process. These concepts incorporate the metrics of software quality. Also discussed are the features of various automated testing tools.

User Acceptance Testing Seminar
The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) service is a practical seminar directed to business staff to learn effective methods for planning and conducting user acceptance testing. This is one of the few seminars available that uses a business-process approach to teach a non-technical and easy to understand method for testing computer systems. The material incorporates testing issues from both the process and human perspective. You will learn the terminology, unique issues, and processes for performing user acceptance testing. Participants will be exposed to the following topics:

  • What is Testing?
  • The Economics of Testing
  • The 1:10:100 Rule
  • When Should Testing be Performed?
  • When is Testing Completed?
  • Testing and Risk
  • Key Testing Concepts
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