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Quality Assurance and Test Services

Encore's Quality Assurance and Test Services are core components of our ability to deliver a proven performance.

To bring a clear focus to our Quality Assurance practice, Encore employs three primary categories of Quality Assurance and Test Services:

  • Methodology
  • Staffing
  • Training

These focus areas meet our clients’ IT Quality Assurance needs.  We continually gather information from you about software QA and test expectations, and enhance and expand our service capabilities through industry-leading best practices to address your evolving needs.

Encore has developed Encore Quality Assurance Test Environment (EQuATE), a comprehensive Quality Assurance methodology that incorporates our knowledge and best practices. EQuATE embodies the industry accepted "V-Model" through testing techniques for unit, system, integration, user acceptance, and deployment readiness testing. Our Quality Assurance and Test Services are based on industry standards and EQuATE to ensure quality deliverables.

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