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Business Consulting - Enterprise Value Management (EVM)

Business Consulting integrates business prowess, process, people and technology to create powerful solutions that enable the competitive performance of the enterprise.

Encore applies its proven thought-modeling techniques and processes in business consulting called EVM (Enterprise Value Management) to unlock the experience and creativity inherent within your company. Then, unparalleled value is created by fueling innovative change that transforms concepts into action.

According to the CIO Magazine State of the CIO Survey, here are the primary challenges that keep CIOs ‘up at night’ in dealing with Technology-as-a-service as the biggest impact on CIO Role. When asked which trend will have the most profound effect on the CIO role in the future, four out of ten of the IT leaders pointed to technology-as-a-service (41 percent). Currently, an average of 22 percent of their organization’s IT services are provided by third parties, including outsourcers and cloud-service providers, while IT leaders anticipate this number will increase to 34 percent in three to five years. Here are the critical success factors that guide IT in the enterprise to support business drivers in a superior way:

  1. Economies of Software Architecture:
    Is cost to development and support software and hardware as low as it can be?
    Cutting costs is ranked in the top 5 critical activities as verified by 43% of CIOs surveyed

  2. Reliability of IT Infrastructure -- an ITILŪ Assessment
    Is the combination of IT processes in balance and in compliance with ITILŪ V2 and V3?
    Improving IT and operational performance as verified by 51% of CIOs surveyed.

  3. Quality of Organizational Leadership:
    Is the team In IT properly trained in the leadership competencies?
    Cultivating the IT/business partnership as verified by 48% of CIOs surveyed.

  4. Balance of Project Portfolio:
    Is the portfolio of projects supporting the strategic and tactical requirements of the business stakeholders?
    Aligning IT initiative and business goals as verified by 64% of CIOs surveyed.

How are you dealing with these challenges? What should be the priority in your enterprise? What is best for your business drivers?

EVM offers a practical approach to service improvements, optimization of scarce resources, and the clear communication of Business Value.

The Encore Enterprise Value Management (EVM) Offering deals with these challenges. EVM integrates technology with business drivers. By using the dynamic flow of creative and innovative thinking and incorporating those ideas into an enterprise-level storyboard, value stream mapping assessments, and value mapping, we are able to define mission critical business priorities, create the framework, and ensure successful and creative outcome-base problem resolution.

According to CIO Magazine, business and technology leaders need to become more innovative in how they approach their customers, employees, and technology. These leaders admit they’re not comfortable seeking truly innovative solutions even though innovative thinking may be the best way to better the competition and take a leadership position.

In a one day Discovery Session, Encore will apply its EVM techniques to define the priorities best suited to achieve your business drivers. Encore will recommend how each of the critical success factors could be strengthened to improve performance and achieve a higher level of proficiency.

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