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Reliability of IT Infrastructure -- an ITIL® Assessment

Unleashing the inherent, but often unrealized, potential of an organization through innovation and by managing critical business and technical processes will materially improve enterprise performance. Encore follows a multi-step program to collaborate with clients to bring about change in the area of IT infrastructure reliability.

How does your IT organization stack up to the best? What processes need to be overhauled? Have management changes and business changes compromised the power of IT?

According to the CIO Magazine State of the CIO Survey that shows the CIO's Critical Success Factors and areas of concern of most CIOs. One area of concern is:

Reliability of IT Infrastructure:
      Is the combination of IT processes in balance and in compliance with ITIL® V2 and V3? Improving
      IT and operational performance as verified by 51% or CIOs surveyed.

Our EVM ITIL® Assessment Offering has been very successful in helping clients become ITIL® compliant. ITIL® has been well received by Senior Managers wanting to improve their IT functions.

The Assessment is performed by a Certified ITIL® Expert who applies ITIL® Analytics to evaluate your Configuration Management, Release Management, Incident Management, Service Level Management, Service Continuity Management, and Capacity Management processes.

Are you ‘best-in-class’ in these areas?

Can you assure your shareholders, investors, and customers that you are ITIL® efficient?

The Assessment uncovers the current state of IT (‘What you have.’) and what improvements are needed to comply with industry (ITIL®) best practices. It is great for the new CIO or IT Director and also for the veteran who has to respond to changes in the corporation and marketplace. The ROI on the Assessment is fast and substantial!

In a one day Discovery Session, Encore will apply its EVM ‘ITIL® assessments’ to define the priorities best suited to increase reliability of your IT infrastructure. Encore will recommendation how each of the components of ITIL could be strengthened to improve performance and achieve a higher level of proficiency.


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