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Balance of Project Portfolio

Enterprise performance management enables improved enterprise performance through alignment, visibility, collaboration and decision-making throughout the organization. This process focuses on delivering through IT the initiatives that are most effective in supporting the customers of the enterprise. This process is ITSM (IT Service Management)

At Encore, its EVM process in aligned to the teaching of the major international ITSMFA (Information Technology Service Management Forum of Australia) an international body of excellence in this area

A recent survey of CIOs sited that is a key issues as stated below.

Balance of Project Portfolio:
      Is the portfolio of projects supporting the strategic and tactical requirements of the business stakeholders?
      Aligning IT initiative and business goals as verified by 64% of CIOs surveyed

By creating a clear line-of-sight between the financial and operating goals of the business, this solution-set makes operational the framework of interrelated goals and measures that foster your company's operating and financial performance. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Business, Operations and Technology Visioning and Planning
  • Enterprise-wide Performance Goals and Dashboard Development
  • Decision Support and Business Intelligence


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