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Quality of Organizational Leadership

Change and transformation management accelerates the systematic integration of new concepts, ideas and technologies into an existing business environment..

Through a set of defined philosophies, software tools, and analytic techniques, the Encore EVM this offering called Organization Leadership manages the adoption, control and effect of people-side change.

A recent CIO Magazine survey found that the quality of organizational leadership is on the minds of several CIOs surveyed as a key management issues:

Quality of Organizational Leadership:
      Is the team In IT properly trained in the leadership competencies?
      Cultivating the IT/business partnership as verified by 48% of CIOs surveyed.

In a one day Discovery Session, Encore will apply its EVM ‘cultural assessments’ to define the priorities best suited to achieve your organizational leadership objectives. Encore will recommendation how each of the components of the competency model could be strengthened to improve performance and achieve a higher level of proficiency.


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