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IBM Rational AppScan

“Your Web applications may be an open door to corporate or consumer data. Isn't it about time you protect them?"

IBM Rational® AppScan® is a Web application security testing tool that automates vulnerability assessments.

AppScan tests for common Web application vulnerabilities including Cross-Site Scripting, Buffer Overflow, flash/flex application and Web 2.0 exposure scans.

  • Supports the latest Web 2.0 technologies: Includes parsing and execution of JavaScript and Adobe® Flash applications, a deep understanding of AJAX and Adobe® Flex related protocols such as JSON, AMF and SOAP, comprehensive support for elaborate SOA environments, as well as custom configuration and reporting for Mashup and process-driven applications
  • NEW! Scans and detects embedded Malware in web properties providing further protection against cyber-attacks. Available as an AppScan eXtension
  • Customization and Extensibility Capabilities: AppScan eXtension Framework enables the user community to build and share open source add-ons
  • Simplified scan results with the Results Expert wizard: Provides advanced remediation recommendations necessary to fix issues uncovered during the scan
  • Automated Capabilities for Penetration Testers: Advanced testing utilities and the Pyscan framework complements manual testing, offering more power and efficiency
  • Regulatory Compliance Reporting: 40 out-of-the box compliance reports including PCI Data Security Standard, ISO 17799, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and Basel II

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