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Data Warehousing & Data Marts

Encore is experienced in helping key decision makers gain the ultimate competitive advantage by giving them the right data, right when they need it. This is accomplished by building the highest quality data marts and enterprise data warehouses.

By analyzing disparate sources of information, extracting business data, and transforming that data into strategic, well-designed portals, Encore delivers powerful decision making capabilities to the people who need them. It all starts in the warehouse.

We unlock the power of analytics and business intelligence by putting this key component in place - an efficient and powerful data warehouse.  Encore can help you:

  • Determine prime data warehouse opportunities
  • Plan the data warehouse project
  • Create an architectural plan
  • Use proven techniques in dimensional modeling to design a high-performance warehouse
  • Ensure the dimensional model conforms across business processes, making them reusable for all measurable events
  • Ensure the data marts are atomic, such that data is not lost due to aggregated departmental rollups
  • Extract data from various existing systems, transform that data, and load it into the data warehouse efficiently and effectively to support reporting and business intelligence needs
  • Operate, manage, and maintain the data warehouse environment
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