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Mobile Application Development

Encore Consulting Services, understands that you need commercial applications in iOS and Android that are robust and scalable.

You need these applications to perform flawlessly on multiple operating systems. You need a development partner who understands the technology that is available to develop efficient mobile application on multiple platforms. This need for ‘cross-platform’ development is assisted by the use of specific software that is well known to Encore’s developers. Here are some of the software products that are known to our developers to achieve cross-platform development:

  • Sencha
  • Xamarin
  • Unity3D
  • Phone Gap
  • QT
  • Alpha AnyWhere
  • PhoneGap
  • Appcelerator
  • iFactr
  • Kony
  • SAP
  • Alpha Software
  • App
  • FeedHenery
  • RhoMobile
  • MoSync
  • WidgetPad
  • Whoop
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft
  • ColdFusion
  • Arpa
  • ARLab
  • Wikitude

To complement our technical skills, our technical team is skilled at our proven project management and analytic techniques called PMTech to understand your business along with your present-day and future business goals. Our team works with you to develop a mobile application strategy that drives your business value. We have over 5 years of mobile app development experience. We provide our clients with exceptional innovation and strategy which results in quality applications. We guarantee a proven performance.

We have worked with many companies across many industries including retail, insurance, financial, distribution, transportation, healthcare and many others, designing and building iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps. These clients for which we have most recently developed mobile applications include Eddie Bauer, Gallagher Bassett, and Office Max/Depot.

Our development venue can be near-shore or offshore depending upon the client’s preference.

Our proposal consists of assembling a team to be located at our offshore facilities in Hyderabad, India with project management support from our Near-Shore facilities in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Note that both of these development-center facilities are owned and operated by Encore. Also, the staff in both facilities are employees of Encore. Accordingly, we believe our proposal provides a low-risk, cost-effective solution. We look forward to discussing our offerings in detail with you.

The staff ramp-up time is as follows for each facility:

  • Offshore -- Hyderabad, India. Currently, we maintain a staff of over 10 mobile application developers complemented by as staff of QA (10) specialist qualified in manual testing and automated testing. It is our experience that we could double the size of this team in a one-month time period if required.

  • Near-Shore -- Arlington Heights, Illinois. Currently, we maintain a staff of over 20. The team in Arlington Heights can be readily increased depending upon business requirements. This near-shore team works with our offshore team under the Principles of our Project Management Techniques called PMTech.

In summary, here are some key points to keep in mind about our capabilities to develop mobile applications:

  • We work with you to fully understand your business objectives and business goals before proceeding to application requirements.
  • Our experience with iOS, Android, and Windows mobile application development is broad and deep with our involvement as required of various cross-platform software product to make our development exercise efficient and cost-effective.
  • We use our proven and thorough methodology called PMTech for mobile app builds, testing, and deployment.
  • We provide security and data protection for both your custom mobile app and data services.
  • We have established experience with advanced external hardware integration and enterprise software.
  • Our final product has quality and maintainability as a result of our architecture, standards, and performance measures.
  • We offer our offshore development and testing facilities to augment development and provide an economical and cost-competitive budget.

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