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Big Data

Our Offering

We have a successful track record in offering our clients:

  • An actionable result oriented scalable Analytics solution

  • Driven by key factors including:

    1. Best fit to suit your specific business needs
    2. Low TCO (total cost of ownership)
    3. Resource availability
    4. Ease of maintenance
    5. New initiative or Troubleshooting activity.

  • We achieve this by leveraging our:

    1. Extensive knowledge in analytics space
    2. Knowledge of and experience in implementing industry best practices
    3. Strong understanding of Big data Eco system and our capability to keep it simple
    4. Successful history of executing Big data projects on time in budget at our other clients.

How do we do it?

  • Certified experts with extensive experience in analytics, cloud computing, and knowledge of Industry best Practices: This helps us relate to and understand your business pain points. This, in turn, helps provide best fit solutions to suit your specific business use cases and future needs.

  • There are a plethora of Big data products in the market. Our in-depth knowledge and exposure to these products will help you select the right software/technology/ eco system to suit your individual needs for data analytics, resource capability, scalability, reporting, and performance.

  • We significantly reduce risk of the project thru our ability to understand your business needs and build POCs for validation.

  • Our project methodology is driven by custom Derivative of Agile Methodology to suit Big data projects. This is tailored to understand the pitfalls of Big data projects and significantly reduce risk. It engages all stakeholders involved in the project and provides constant Transparency to project progress and budget thru multiple “Show and Tell” milestones. This helps track progress and validate solutions on time to time basis and thus significantly reduces the risks from the project.

Our Value Proposition

  • Implementation Partner: Encore’s resources are recognized as experts and implementation partners to key big data technology firms including mapR , mongoDB and Talend.

  • Staff Augmentation: Encore can provide quality resources for staff augmentation to meet your development needs and future support needs.

  • Cloud Capability: We have built Cloud solutions as well as solutions that work seamlessly on cloud and in-house infrastructure.

  • Turnaround Projects: Encore is Qualified to and maintains a successful track record in troubleshooting/ turning around existing non performing data Platforms.

  • Training: We help you train your existing resources on new technology stack.

  • GUI and other services: We help your existing business users to build/configure new GUIs

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